Read chapter one of my life story!

 Over the years many of you have been saying that I should write a book about my life growing up until I became the Phantom Planter, like an autobiography type thing.

Many months ago I started to write my life story with the help of a writer and I wrote lots of chapters then all the formalities involved in this and trying to pitch my introduction to publishers and all that was a bit daunting for me and was taking me out of my comfort zone big time, the thought of trying to get all the chapters in order and story form was way too much for my head.

When your living a life of ducking and diving looking over your shoulder in the underworld mixed in with drink and drugs its hard to put all the stories in book order, I kept remembering different things to add unto chapters I wrote and it opened up all sorts more avenues that I forgot, it was all getting a bit too much like hard work for me!

So now that I've setup Patreon, you can support me for £3.50 a month, I'm going to start to add all these chapters on there and all the other stories of my past that come to mind and for the next while I'm going to keep Patreon exclusive for my life stories. 

I wont post anything else on there so that each chapter is easily picked up and read and chapter one is already live....

You see I'm quite OCD about my life, I have my little rituals and routines that keep my head in check and the thought of delving back into that ratrace world going and talking with people who are all about the money is not me anymore, I just like to sit in my cabin with wee Betty writing on here and sharing it with you guys and then off out for some planting and chanting!

Click on the link below and start to read my life story now, there's alot on there, really surprise myself where all this writing comes from...

Hope you enjoy!

All proceeds will allow me to carry on turning our streets and estates in to urban orchards so every one can have free fruit! 

Peace and love


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