Robert Ketts Oak Tree!

 Got another update from the Paramili-Trees A-Corn team about the Kett's Oak in Norfolk and check out the size of the acorns on this beauty, the Ketts's oak is over 500 years old its looking good! 

Named after Robert Ketts who discussed a rebellion under this tree, a rebellion back then concerning the close of commons land and the rise in the cost of living 

I got alot in common with this Robert Ketts,  all the green space for me around council estates is common land, meaning it belongs to us / the people and if we look after and tend to it by phantom planting fruit trees to feed the community, who really can have a problem if we phantom plant responsibly and always go back to look after our patch! 

Never has there been more of a time that our community needs good natural foods and a connection back to nature, community spirit is at an all time low and its up to us as individuals to get out and do our bit! 

Get creating them ripples guys, look what mine has created, I'm still in disbelief at times the way the phantom planter has taken off, I knew nothing about trees, all I knew was to plant them the right way up, but my intentions was to help me, nature and the community and now I've got an army of paramili-trees all over the world planting trees. 

Heard this big corporation saying on the radio that they are planting a whopping 20k trees in the next year, us the paramili-trees will be planting these up daily! 

Next oak tree I'd love checked out for acorns is the Doonsday Oak in Bristol, if anyone in the area could go and have a look for acorns and let me know please would be greatly appreciated....

Still waiting on confirmation on the Old Knobbley oak  in Essex for acorns...

Thanks again to all of you, loving all this paramili-trees networking! 

#robertketts #kettsoak #doomsdayoak #bristol #phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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