SAS - I Salute You!

 Here is the collection so far guys of all the acorns I've gotten from famous and iconic oak trees from across the UK and Ireland with still many more to come!

There is a list of 50 top oak trees from across these islands recognised as historical landmarks which I'm on a mission to try and get them all for my oak grove museum!

Although many of them have been checked and not producing acorns this year or last year but there is always next year!

1. Belvoir oak Belfast, oldest oak in Ireland right next to the phantom planter HQ.

2. Brian Boru oak, planted by the last king of Ireland.

3. Capon oak Jedburgh, over 1000 year old.

4. King oak Blenheim Palace, over 1000 year old.

5. Knighthood oak, known as the Queen of the forest.

6. Blubberhouse house oak, the last ancient tree of Knaresborough forest which recently just fell to ts death.

7. Bowthorpe oak, known as the oldest and largest oak tree in the UK with a girth of 13 metres.

8. Old knobbly oak, 800 year old in Essex.

9. Ketts oak Norfolk, a famous rebellion was addressed under this tree in 1549.

10. Major oak Sherwood forest, Robin Hood was said to have hid in this.

11. Big Belly oak Wiltshire, said to be 1100 years old, I only have 2 from this tree and would love some more.

12. Chained oak Alton Towers, lots of legends surrounding this tree.

13. Turner oak Kew gardens, the tree that died and resurrected.

Cant thank all you guys enough for the work you've been doing out there for me, all your effort and missions going and checking and getting me these, also all the letters sent with them, all very touching to be honest.

You guys are really helping fuel my passion for what I'm doing.

To all the Paramili-Tree SAS branch - Special Acorn Service!

I Salute You.....

#phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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