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 I know lots of people on here like to see body pics and back when I first started the phantom planter I used to always show pics like this of me with my top off in the forest training, my intention and motive behind this is to grab peoples attention and to try and attract younger crowds into tree planting and training outside in nature!

Its worked, I've seen loads of young dudes wanting to come and train with me and plant trees too, one young cool boy band dude who is a really good mate of mine now came and planted a tree with me once and said you dont really expect tree planters to have big muscles and look like the type of guy you wouldn't mess with!

This made me laugh when I heard this but its exactly the type of message I'm wanting to put out there to the younger generation, that nature isn't just for tree hugging hippies or these fancy Latin speakers with letters after their names, nature is for all of us and its the place to be! Away from the negative vibes of the concrete jungle and ratrace, its what we all need bigtime!

But what sort of put me off doing posts all the time with my top off was this lady came up to my business and bought something, we got chatting and she recognised me as the phantom planter, she said she used to love reading my posts but I always had a pic attached to it with my top off and her husband kept seeing this and thought she was maybe looking at my body pics rather than reading what I had to say and this was causing some friction in their relationship!

I thought this was funny but it sort made me think about things a bit differently and I stopped right after that always having my top off, I still do the odd one but nowhere near as much, people always say I should get it off more that work with me as the posts seem to do better but what this lady said always stuck with me.

But now I've setup a Patreon account and I've been finding my way around it and trying to get myself used to it, Patreon has different tiers were you can subscribe too and see different content so I'm going to post more on there about my personal life and what I get up too and also I'm going to pick up a few bits of camera kit so I can make more videos of my workouts and what I get up too, I've also set a tier on there for one to one phantom planting support and also any types of training advice and diet and stuff you'd like to know about you'll be able to ask me anything on there and I'll guarantee to get back to you.

I get asked all sorts of stuff and feel bad at times not being able to reply, my time recently has been so consumed with the phantom planter and everything else thats goes with it, I really need to get a steady income and Patreon seems the perfect place for me to achieve this and be able to offer my time to reply back to peoples requests.

I dont know what way the phantom planter is going to go but its been steadily growing for the past 4 years and its been taking up more and more of my time, I've thought about lots of other avenues for making money, like writing books and excepting other types of offers on advertising and partnerships but then when I think about it, that all takes time and I wouldn't be able to put my energy into on here doing what I do and be out and about round my local community planting and chanting!

It's doing exactly this what I'm doing thats made it what it is and I'm not going to fix whats not broke, I'd say easily a million trees have been planted worldwide as a result of my work!

I dont want to get into cahoots with any big corporations, they offer me thousands every week, I get offered funding all the time from government agencies and I turn it down, once you let these guys in the door they change you!

I want to be funded and supported by you guys, my supporters! This is a grass roots movement and always will be, leave them big wigs at the top where they are, I like real down to earth people! 

My soul purpose in this world is helping mother nature and boosting community spirit, last thing I ever want is to be working with people with big egos and hidden agendas, my days of working with people like that are long gone, its a bit soulless and empty if you ask me!

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And keep me planting and chanting!


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