Thank you to all the Paramili-Tree A-Corn Team

 Can't thank the Paramili-Tree A-Corn Team enough for all the work they've been doing for me in checking out  the iconic and famous oak trees across the UK for acorns!

Every tree I've requested has been checked and collected from if the acorns are there and ready or they are going back when they are ready, the dedication and enthusiasm has been unreal!

One guy got caught and threatened with prosecution for trespassing which when he told what he was doing the land owner was ok with it and another guy got chased in the dark by a dog and a load of goats checking on an old oak tree which led him in the middle of nowhere across fields lost! 

Couldn't stop laughing when I received the voice message of this mission, this was one of my longest supporters on here who sent her son in at night to try and rob some acorns, proper Paramili-tree style!

I cant believe it what I've created on here at times, the dedication from all of you is amazing, even writing these acorn posts is so enriching for me knowing what all you guys out there are doing for my oak grove museum project. One day in the future I hope you will all come and visit it.

I'm intending on buying a plot of land in the coming years once all the oak trees are big and planting them all in a grove, with a plaque at each tree saying who the famous mother tree was that this oak tree came from and all the stories attached with the famous mother tree!

I only want acorns from famous oak trees with stories like Robin Hood hid in this tree or the likes of the Birnam Oak that Shakespeare wrote about, all these ancient legends babies is what I want in the oak grove museum, thank you for all the offers from other old oaks but its these iconic trees im after please. 

Something else that came into my head which I want to put on the plaque at each oak tree is the persons name who picked and sent the acorn to me, Could say something like this tree is here because of the efforts by "Paramili-tree Volunteer Joe Bloggs"!

Its never ending where this is all going, glad to have all you behind me on this!

If there is anyone near Staffordshire could someone go and check the Chained Oak near Alton Towers for me please and message me if there is any acorns, if there is any pick me about 10 or 20 of the biggest, put them in damp soil in a bag and I will send you details on where to post them too.

It's so important when picking acorns you dont let them dry out, put into a bag of soil asap and even better if you can get some of the soil near the mother tree as this has the mycelium in it that the baby acorns will love!

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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