Those who dont believe in magic will never find it!

 Me and my right hand man the paramili-tree Twigadier was out yesterday measuring the old oaks surrounding the phantom planters HQ and putting the girth size in the tree age calculator, turns out some of them are approx 600 years old!

I've always said that something guided me to this overgrown plot of land where I rocked up one day at the depths of my drink and drug addictions and all I had in my head was this karrna yoga practice that I read in Buddhism.

Its a practice thats supposed to purify you, when we offer our time and energy in selfless service for the benefit of mother nature and the community its supposed to boost your merit bank account and then good things will come your way, well thats how I was seeing it and the way my merit bank account was back then I was spiritually blacklisted and up to me eyes in debt with negative karma!

So I thought what have I got to loose, lets get planting and chanting and see what happens!

As I worked my way through the orchard over the years planting and chanting using money I would have spent on drink and drugs to pay for the fruit trees one by one my addictions dropped away, the orchard seemed to have absorbed the old me!

Pretty magical really all this Buddha stuff or Boodoo as my delboy dad always called them, he never knew what the Buddha was, when he seen me running around planting and chanting I think he thought I was into some voodoo stuff or something as he used to say all the time "them Boodoos have you possessed son", you cant be running around there planting trees using your own money and not making anything from it!

Totally understandable though for an underworld wheeler dealer to look at it this way...Everything was about the money for my delboy dad and for me too for most my life.

But anyhow back to how I was guided to where the phantom planters HQ is, I'm not even from this estate and now when I start to look around at all these ancient oaks surrounding me and the oak grove museum im starting with many of the UK and Irelands most famous and iconic trees acorns that are going to be planted up in this area, which is quite unbelievable really the acorns that I'm going to have very soon, wait till you see this list, from trees that Robin Hood hid in to oak trees that rebellions were talked about under, all the acorns from these mother trees are coming to the Buddhahood in Belfast to be planted up together!

You couldn't make it all up, there's more to these king trees, in ancient Ogham, the tree alphabet, Oak means King! 

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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