What a day!

 The Paramili-Trees were out in force yesterday at this plot where one of the apple trees was mowed over during the week by the grass cutter!

We phantom planted a Laxton Surperb apple tree for Maureen Harvey who won the prize draw we've been running recently and she wanted it planted in memory of her dog called Levi who she lost just recently.

RIP Levi...

Will get the memorial tags stamped up later and added to the tree and the map location sent to you Maureen so maybe one day you can come and eat apples from your dogs memorial tree.

Peter Wach, our South Belfast Leaftenant came along with a Bramley apple tree which he bought out of his own money and we phantom planted it also bringing the total to 6 apple trees at this spot.

Thank you so much Peter, you've been a dedicated Paramili-Tree member right from the start!

This is quite a middle class area where we were phantom planting and after we finished planting this lovely old couple came out saying how much they love what we are doing and insisted on giving us £30.

I gave them a couple of masks and they were over the moon!

From the hood, to the middle classes right up to Lords of Castles, I've planted with them all and everyone just loves apple trees.

You know years ago when I was trying to sort my life out, I started to practice this Karma Yoga stuff I learned from the monks to try and purify myself, running over mountains on my own, alone in the lashing rain on a come down of all sorts of drink and drugs and making nature offerings in an attempt to sort myself out, it crosses your mind at times am I loosing the plot up here!

But Nah!!! I'd already lost the plot, things couldn't have gotten any worse! 

I would have gave up some of my days drink and drug money and spent about £50 on trees and randomly phantom planted them in the mountains praying and chanting with nearly all of them dying over time and not making it, getting ate by sheep, getting burned and just didnt really have a clue what I was doing but I kept doing it and doing it.

I must admit some days I was on speed/amphetamines just to give me the motivation to do it, then right after, it was in the bar throwing the pints down my neck, you can down 10 pints like water and smoke a full cigarette nearly on one draw with that speed stuff in you!

But I know mother nature heard and felt my prayers and intentions, days like yesterday when I look around with people coming from everywhere to get in on the action I always think of the Buddha's quote,

"Out of a muddy pond blooms a lotus flower"....

Powerful things happen when we try and live in symbiosis with the creation....

#phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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