What an experience!

 Thats me, wee Betty and my Big Glaswegian pal back in Belfast now after one of the most memorable and best experiences ever!

And it was all thanks to Cuiva Smith from Deadly Buzz Healing Balms...

Cuiva has been a long time of supporter and has been sending me out free magical healing balms for me and my right hand man for some time now so I decided to stop by and thank her in person for all that shes been doing for us! 

Little did I know what she has in store for us, we met at secret garden in Ardsoran near Sligo and seen what these guys were up too who were also followers of the page, Saffron and Ian have created a real special place down there were they specialize in eatable gardening. We had the most amazing dinner all freshly picked from the garden, cant believe my big pal ate it all, he's so fussy with things but he cleaned his plate! 

This place is a must visit, thank you Saffron and Ian for your hospitality! 

We then went and slept on a farm and woke up with donkeys, goats and dogs everywhere and got washed in the lake, the look on my big pals face when he was told that thats how they do things around here was priceless!

But after he said that was better than a shower! 

We then went to the Ox Mountains to bathe in the waterfalls and then to see a bee keeper, ox mountain honey was the place and this couple were proper hardcore bee keepers, they even had tattoos of bees on them, they told me some fascinating stories of how the bees can build a connection with the bee keepers and they have seen in the past the bees swarming around a bee keepers coffin when they have passed away!

My head was thinking of the old Irish Brehon law were the Druid for the area used to have to go and tell the bees that their bee keeper has passed away, who knows what this was for but I'm sure there was a good reason for it...

But this bee keeper man said something to me, he said he watched his dad all his life cut down to trees to heat them growing up but he never seen him plant any, we need to be planting trees and not cutting them down he said!

This man was connected someway to the workings of nature, could feel it from him...

We then went and met a 9 Iron blacksmith, who was a very spiritual man living in a proper old Irish stone house, he gave me a 9 iron key ring set which is supposed to mean all sorts of magical and protective stuff, he put them in my hands and held them tight and prayed, it was a moment I'll never forget! 

We then went and had soup cooked over the fire in a round house at Kate Burrows place from Westcountry willows who is another long time supporter of the page, was probably one of the nicest settings I've ever ate at! 

I cant thanks Cuiva enough for the experience she's showed us, it was like I was meant to experience all this stuff as part of my spiritual journey, it also made me think of the ancient Brehon laws of the Emerald Isle were good hospitality was paramount in society, I've never had hospitality like it, deep in rural Ireland the old Brehon ways are thriving. 

A trip I dont think any of us will forget....


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