Bare root planting season coming up!

 Its coming up to bare root planting season which usually starts around November sometime and this means lots of nurseries will be getting in cheap bare root fruit trees meaning they dont come in pots and they are much cheaper and easier to plant.

Ring around your local nurseries to see who will be stocking fruit trees and also ask them for local native grown ones if possible, these will grow better than any other type for your area and will need less looking after and will be better for our ecosystem too but if you cant get native dont be worrying too much just get planting and chanting.

If your going to be phantom planting on council land like one of my Leaftenants has done in this pic, please make sure you dont plant under power lines or inline with any manholes or sewers, always plant 5 metres from a path or road so no falling fruit can cause a problem and also plant 5 metres from any other tree or telegraph pole so as when the council mowers come out its as easy as possible for them to cut around.

Always go back and look after your tree too and take ownership of it, add a memorial tag for a past loved one as most people in general will respect a memorial tree.

You can add hearts like the amazing work my Leaftenant done to this tree that we phantom planted in memory of her son but do always go back and keep on top of your work keeping it nice and tidy.

We the Paramili-Trees aren't out to rub anyone up the wrong way, we are out to covert and recruit and make the councils realise that our streets and estates should be full of organic food growing so that we can all eat good wholesome food right on our doorsteps bringing communities together and getting people involved giving them a sense of purpose in their own areas.

There are certain profiteers at the top that want us just running around popping pills eating man made processed foods wired to some sales box in the house thats selling us what to think, consume and believe staving our souls of meaning and purpose!

Do you ever notice that nearly everything that most people talk about and do out in the world came from the TV or radio, I like to talk about my own stuff as most of you probably see on here, I like to talk about turning the Hood into a nature loving Buddhahood!

I guess I see the world this way because I grew up around wheeler's and dealers and became one myself, I've made up some porkies in my days of selling and created alot of delusional cunning tactics to sell my goods and when I watch what they promote on the TV and Radio all I see is a big pile of porkies, we should be paid to have TVs! 

#phantomplanters #paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place..... 

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