Get my life story on Patreon.

 Dont forget guys, you can support me on Patreon for £4.50 and get all my life story and more details about my private life on there, its a monthly subscription that you can stop anytime.

I've been really trying to keep my stories in order on there from childhood up until my teens but I keep remembering more stories from my past and I think its going to be very hard to put them all up in story form, I'm not Catherine Cookson!

So from now on I'm just going write the stories as they come into my head, trying to keep in order has been slowing me up, I'm just going to write whatever way it flows from now on!

Its great writing about your past, its like therapy,  and if theres anything you'd like to ask me on there feel free to comment and I'll do my best to answer.

Really appreciate all my supporters on there so far, its helping keep me planting and chanting and fulfilling my life purpose. 

Peace and love


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