Get planting and chanting!

 Was away yesterday mulching another phantom planters work, our South Belfast Paramili-Tree Leaftenant who has dozens of fruit trees all over the city now at several plantations has these 12 or so trees nestled away just off a busy main road in Belfast.

I seen he put up the other day that he was out strimming his trees and was saying that he was going to mulch around them so I thought I'd sneak down and mulch them for him.

Good positive way to spend the afternoon! 

Time we all turned the TV and radios off and went and planted a few trees and help out in your own community, so much madness out there in the world that we can do nothing about and all its doing is disturbing our own minds, projecting fear and divide among us all!

We are all just as bad as each other, there is no holier than now race in this world, just look through history and every race is guilty of it!

The English came to Ireland and invaded here ironically both times under orders of the Pope, then the Irish went to America and killed the Red Indians, you know 1 in 6 men at the battle of the little big horn were Irish Born!

I think at times there's some dark force or energy at the top dividing is all, like its all manufactured and we all fall for it every time! 

So sad though what happned to the Red Indians, you know they had no word for ownership, they never believed you could own anything, we are all just caretakers of mother nature is what they believed...

I'm just going to stick to planting and chanting, much better for my own head space, when we take on these negative vibrations we then become part of that negative ripple and carry on projecting that into the world, time we all started creating positive ones and becoming part of ripples than can make changes for the better, this world needs the way of the Buddha!

#peace #peaceandlove #buddha


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