I Salute you!

 Thanks again to all the Paramili-tree SAS ( special acorn service) branch for going out and collecting me all the acorns for the oak grove museum I'm going to create!

Here is the list of trees I've got acorns potted up from so far,

1. Belvoir oak Belfast, oldest oak in Ireland right next to the phantom planter HQ.

2. Brian Boru oak, planted by the last king of Ireland.

3. Capon oak Jedburgh, over 1000 year old.

4. King oak Blenheim Palace, over 1000 year old.

5. Knighthood oak, known as the Queen of the forest.

6. Blubberhouse house oak, the last ancient tree of Knaresborough forest which recently just fell to ts death.

7. Bowthorpe oak, known as the oldest and largest oak tree in the UK with a girth of 13 metres.

8. Old knobbly oak, 800 year old in Essex.

9. Ketts oak Norfolk, a famous rebellion was addressed by Roberst Ketts under this tree in 1549.

10. Major oak Sherwood forest, Robin Hood was said to have hid in this one.

11. Big Belly oak Wiltshire, said to be 1100 years old, I only have 2 from this tree and would love some more.

12. Chained oak Alton Towers, lots of legends surrounding this tree.

13. Turner oak Kew gardens, the tree that died and resurrected.

14. Parliament oak Sherwood forest.

15. Remedy oak near Wimborne, this tree is said to have some healing powers.

Can you imagine the acorns produced from this oak grove in years to come when these all cross pollinate!

These are the types of trees we all want to be collecting acorns from and growing, the phantom planter Facebook page just passed 114k followers yesterday, can you imagine all of us got collecting acorns from ancient oaks and grew them up for phantom planting?? What sort of a furture would we be creating and what a legacy we would all leave behind!

There is no legacy like it in the way of the world, I mean who ever gets remembered for money or medals, fast cars or big houses, very few, your gone and forgotten and thats it!

Leave behind trees that will live for over a thousand years, thats Tutankhamun type stuff!!

We will live on through these trees, our future ancestors will feel your presence from these trees long after we're gone! Pretty powerful stuff when you really get your head out of the monopoly board and think about it!

I've spent enough of my life gathering meaningless toys and tinsel like some parasite using mother earth as my host - Time to level up!

Theres still time to be checking and I was wondering if there is anyone in Surrey area who could go and check on the Crouch oak in Addlestone to see if it has any acorns and also the Grantham oak in Lincolnshire, these are two that have been entered in tree of the year and would be amazing if I could get acorns posted to me from these trees for my collection.

If there is any acorns on them put them in a bag of damp soil and message me please.

Again to all the Paramili-tree SAS branch - I Salute you!!!

#GranthamOak #crouchoak #lincolnshire #wimborne


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