Inner peace is bliss!

 Next month will mark 4 years from I started the phantom planter and it will also mark 5 years from I gave up the booze!

It's in black and white right there - 1 year escaping the demon drink and look what was created

 "The Phantom Planter"!

It's amazing the things we give our energy, money and attention too with the end outcome being a complete head melt - passing pleasures and self gratifications that we pay a fortune for and soon we become they're slaves!

Is it really all that good anyway or are we just made to believe it is, all manufactured and subconsciously sold to us everywhere we go having us all run around like headless chickens!

I've noticed massive changes in my personalty and life in general from I gave up the soul pollutants and found the Buddha path.

Like the other day I thought this guy was going to wrestle me for blocking his driveway as I was doing a delivery, 

He came out all guns blazing shouting all over the street,

I said to him, relax man, my apologies,  my days of wrestling sweaty men are well over, I'll move my van right now, he never knew where to look!

Because I felt at peace within me I was able to diffuse the situation very easily, where as 10 years ago when I was right in the middle of the rat race infused with all sorts of stimulants, pills and poisons who knows what would have happened, I could have ended up wrestling the big sweaty man and I'd of probably let him bother me the rest of the day too giving him free rent in my head.

But when we are more at peace with ourselves exterior situations that are just mundane really, they just fly over your head.

So many people let so many little things annoy them in day to day life, looking back at how I was it was me that was annoyed, I was annoyed with myself...


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