Its been some journey so far!

 This is my first ever selfie as the phantom planter just under 4 years ago, its coming up to the 4 year mark of setting up the phantom planter next month and before I set it up I had to go and get blessed by the Buddhist monks at Jampa Ling and I phantom planted these oak trees in the pic on the way down to the Buddhist monastery!

You know when you know you just gotta go and do something, well I had to go and plant a tree in a Buddhist monastery with a Tibetan lama and ask him to bless me before I was going to go all out and talk about all my past and how I turned my life around through planting and chanting on here!

Many of you may not know also but it was me and a 9 year old girl who came up with the idea for the phantom planter, her 12 year old brother at the time was a bit sceptical about our plans and he thought I was crazy but me and my little past side kick went full steam ahead and got this page up and running believing that one day we are going to make phantom planting a worldwide trend!

It was also this little girl who gave me the confidence to write, I never wrote anything in the past apart from price lists, tick lists and bookie dockets but I became best friends and drawing buddies with this little girl and she was always telling me how nice my drawing and hand writing was, then I started to write silly poems and she loved them too!

I dont think I ever would have taken to writing the way I do now if it wasnt for this little girl coming into my life!

But I said to her, before we start I gotta go and get boosted up with the Buddha powers and get the phantom planter blessed then we're ready to take over the world!

So off I went to Jampa Ling and managed to plant a juniper tree with the Lama which was a very special experience for me, got my blessing and said a prayer in the shrine room asking the Buddha's to guide and protect me and nearly 4 years later phantom planters have risen all over the world and I'd say there has easily been over a million trees planted as a result of the phantom planter!

I will never forget my little sidekick but we will meet again one day and god knows what her brother thinks as I know he always thought I was a bit on the crazy side!

This saying below we came up with this together, this will always the phantom planter quote! 

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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