Keep it symbiotic!

 Some lady asking on yesterdays post why I wear gloves, I'm not a full time tree planter, I'm not even a gardener or come from a nature background.

I'm still a wheeler dealer and deal with customers daily and dont like the idea of having mucky nails when trying to flog my quality goods!

I have my own small business that I still run and love but I run my business very differently these days, some like it and some dont but I'm not out to sell to the world anymore, I just need enough to get by.

Me and wee Betty get deliveries out all over the country and then we look for close by nature walks and go and do a spot of tree hugging and connecting to nature while we're out and about.

I had 2 furniture shops and 15 workers in the past and it put my head away, drove me to drink and drugs, now I run a one man show, sales, delivery and after sales, I even say to the customer do you want anything bought in from the shop while I'm on my way.

I'm all about trying to enjoy every moment in life these days and not chasing some million pound end goal where you end up on a first class seat on a plane looking around you at the biggest load of bumming and blowing constipated tossers, wondering wtf am I doing here, is this meant to be it!! Surrounded by people with no depth or substance to their soul, yes I've been there and I ain't going back!

I've still got Delboy in my blood, I love wheeling and dealing, going and delivering my goods, get old fashioned cash on delivery, have a chat and get to know my customers, it gives me a tickle but I also love to pay my respects back to mother rnature, everything I sell comes from nature and these days living in symbiosis with the creation is paramount for my soul!


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