Life is better!

 When I look around my cabin room many of the things I have are gifts, things that people made, drew, designed and put alot of thought into, things that people went to effort for to give me without seeking anything back in return!

I never got this sort of love directed at me ducking and diving in business world - " no friends in business" is what my Delboy Dad always says - How right he was! 

Took me to go through a roller coaster ride to really find this out for myself!

But most of us dont know any better like the story of Platos cave, when I first landed up to Jampa Ling at the lowest point in my life I wanted a private chat with the Rinpoche there who is high Tibetan Lama, this dude is on the inner council with Big D and all the other Lamas!

But I got my chat with him and told him all my problems and all he said was atleast you are aware and told me a meditation practice to do.

I was thinking at the time what sort of stuff is this to come of with, I was wanting him to purify me or something, dance around a tree blowing smoke or the likes is what I was expecting, maybe some rituals but all he said was ateast you are aware, many aren't he said.

He was so right and he knew that I had already left Platos cave to explore outside, I knew the monopoly was not right, I knew all the ducking and diving is wrong, my soul was talking to me for years before this event in stumbling across this Lama.

Shortly after that I got the Dhammapda and tried every day to meditate, it was a long slow process but in Buddhism they say to take the middle path, nothing to extreme, people want everything in extremes these days, even spiritual enlightenment but Buddhism has made me realise that I spent a lifetime caught in the rat race, programmed from birth and that I was never really going to undo all this overnight!

This is something that can take years but we just need to keep implementing the Buddhas teachings daily into our lives and one day we will reach the other shore as he says in the Dhammapada...

My life is different now, its nice to have real friends and feel love and compassion from people...

Thank you to everyone thats sent me all these beautiful gifts that are in my cabin room....

All that you see are gifts!


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