Our frog friends!

 Our frog friend at the phantom planters HQ!

This is why I never use a strimmer around the trees at the orchard or any chemicals or pesticides, our orchard is teaming with life, even our Lady Leaftenant who is a bit of a bird expert was saying yesterday about the vast amount of different types of birds that flock to the orchard is unreal...

All our trees at the orchard are weeded and mulched by hand, yesterday when we were pulling the weeds back this frog looked like it was settling into hibernation as it was well embedded into the mulch around the tree under thick grass and weeds - Can you imagine strimming this by accident!!!

If anyone else has memorial trees at our orchard please never use a strimmer on them, pull the weeds back by hand and help yourself to the massive piles of mulch down at the bottom of the HQ!

I'm not here to butcher and poison nature, my intention is to connect to it and live in harmony with it, to enrich it and help it along and by living and thinking this way I've actually enriched my own life and helped me along!

That orchard is sacred to me, many of you now when I first started planting there I was riddled with drink and drug addictions and many other forms of negativity, slowly as I worked my way through the orchard planting and chanting giving back to mother nature I've healed myself!

I was talking with this very interesting Buddhist lady who is a nun to be in my opinion but she was telling me about our merit bank accounts and the way we add to these can always be different.

She really got me thinking about alot of stuff and I believe why I sort of like fast tracked myself to a place of healing is due to helping nature with good intentions.

I believe that many years ago in the Buddhas day nature wasn't out of balance, the same act of helping nature back then wouldn't have earned you as much merit in your account as to what other forms of spiritual practice would and today the same spiritual practices back then that would have taken you to enlightenment may not earn the same merit today as its nature and the community ( karma yoga practice) which is needed more today than ever before!

That one small act of helping mother nature could possibly earn more merit than days of meditation in a cave.

Helping mother nature and raising community spirit is the spiritual practice of today in my opinion....

Have a great day guys....

Peace and love.


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