Pear tree flowering!

 Check out this pear tree flowering at the orchard, and what makes this even more odd is this tree was brought along by a shaman early Spring past and he planted his babies placenta in with the tree!

This was an aboriginal ritual we done at our orchard, its said that if you plant the placenta of your new born baby in with a tree it lets mother nature know the newborn has arrived on Earth and mother nature will take care of the child.

They believe the placenta to be a hologram and life map of the persons soul, so by planting it in with a tree it lets mother earth guide and protect the life!!!

The stories the phantom planters HQ could tell and the positive energy thats been brought to this patch of wasteland in Belfast is just bliss, what a little piece of magic this place has become....

Yesterday people were just coming along out of the blue to check on their memorial trees, one young dude gets the bus from the other end of the city every week just to see his mums tree and sits by it having a smoke.

The first steps of freeing the mind from its prison is generosity and selfless service, this is how we begin to free ourselves from the centre of the bhavachakra which the majority of the world are caught right in now! 

I was right stuck in the middle of this fascinating wheel of life which the Buddha painted for many years , one negative vibration following the other, we are our own worst enemies! 

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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