The biggest oak ive ever seen!

 This is the most empowering oak trees I've ever seen at a secret location that I dont want to reveal as its in an old ladies garden, I went awhile back to see if it was producing acorns and sadly it had none on it this year, I was there last year also and the acorns were all infected with wasp larvae.

This is one tree that I really want acorns from for my oak grove museum!

I could stand inside this oak tree and hold my hands out straight and still not be touching the tree its that big and hallowed out, I've never seen a tree like it and is the Biggest in the UK and one of the biggest in the world and Is believed to be over 1000 years old!

This is what your acorns will grow into one day guys and they are everywhere right now falling of the trees, hard to believe isn't it? From tiny acorns come these giants, its magic before our eyes, try and put the tree back in the acorn!!

Theres something really inspiring and uplifting about the thought of leaving behind massive trees that will be around long after we're gone, do you know how many different lifeforms and organisms live and depend on oak trees, even when it's dying and melting back into the ground its providing for bugs and fungi....

It feels so good to be part of helping the creation rather than being part of its destruction, no matter what delusional eco way we all think we are living, if we are not returning the forests and connecting and respecting mother nature we are all just as bad as each other!

Get out and collect some acorns today and be part of something special, the way of the world ain't all that, you know its taken much more of my masculine energy to be true to myself and follow my heart than it ever has to be mr big in the ratrace or underworld. 

I had to sit with gangsters for years in my delboy dads house and answer questions to pure ego driven tough guys on my change of life path, that took more balls for me than anything else ive ever done in my life, to come out and say your a tree hugging Buddhist was one of the hardest things I've had to do! 

It was the best move I ever did, I'm doing handstands at 43 and have got my health back and a life I never knew existed! 

Dont hide behind the plastic of the world guys, be true to you....


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