The Ripple Effect!

 These are pics of someone who sneaked into to the phantom planters HQ last year and phantom planted 2 memorial apple trees right on the edge of the orchard that are thriving and they have been coming back and maintaining them also incognito as they are so well nicely kept!

Every time I see this it makes laugh, when I drive through Belvoir housing estate South Belfast -  Home of the phantom planters HQ!

And see fruit trees and other trees that you just know has been phantom planted around the estate and not by me is probably one of the best buzzes I've ever had!

Last night I spotted a few more fruit trees down the main drive in the estate, right next to some junipers that we phantom planted, what was really funny about these junipers is they were donated to me by one of my best and longest supporters and she couldn't find the orchard to leave them at so she left them next to a mural in the estate and let me know where she dropped them, where she dropped them is exactly where we phantom planted them and they are still there doing really well.

It's hard to believe at times how this has all went for me, but I keep thinking back to the Buddhist Eightfold path and how I believe that this is reason its went so well for me, this is something I try and live by, its not easy at times but its a practice, I've been listening and reading to all sorts of Boodoo ( as my delboy dad called them) stuff most nights for years, its my life now my spiritual path but one thing I dont really have the confidence to do just yet is to try and explain in depth about the Buddhas teachings, maybe one day I will but I am still learning myself.

But here is a rough break down on some of Eightfold path for anyone new to Buddhism, well this may be my Belfast Buddhahood interpretation!

Right Thought - we should always try and think nice positive thoughts, our thoughts become our reality

Right speech - if you can't say anything nice, dont say anything at all

Right Intention - what is your true intention in what you do, your intentions must benefit all thats around you

Right Livelihood - is your thoughts and actions creating a better community

Right motivation - should always be to benefit nature and the community

These are only some of them and its a practice to try and implement them in our lives daily and something that can take years, we are born into a world of opposites as to what the Buddha teaches hence why everything that he teaches are antidotes and if put into practice in ones life it can make your life way more happier and content, its also believed to take you to other higher heavenly realms and even Nirvana!

Compared to where I was 10 years ago stuck right in the hungry ghost realm as they call it in Buddhist cosmology, today with practicing the Eightfold path I've definitely moved up a few realms in my mind.

But one thing the Buddha does say is it takes alot of work and effort to do this, no one can purify another, we must do this ourselves, it is your responsibility. 

Hope that all makes sense to you guys, one day when I feel ready and confident myself I will talk more in depth about what I'm learning but to keep it all very simple, help nature and help your community, be generous and be helpful, this will begin to rise you to other realms, after all we are in a hologram of vibrating atoms, anything is possible!



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