Another young phantom signed up!

 Signed up another young phantom planter yesterday and we planted 2 apple trees!!! 

We planted a dead crow we found in with one of the trees and done some chanting while planting. 

I got the young girl to add a note in with planting the tree, I told her to write a message to mother nature and off she went and wrote her note and planted it in with the tree. 

She kept it a secret too between her and mother nature what she wrote. 

So important to get our younger generations connected to nature! 

Another 2 trees for the world, great way to spend your money and time, I never regret buying fruit trees to plant, all I get is joy from this.

Pleasure and joy are two different things, we spend so much money seeking pleasure, but pleasure passes in this impermanent life we live, joy on the other hand is something that stays inside you  

Lets all spend our money on planting trees this Xmas and spread the ripples of joy! 



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