Chapter 28 from my book coming soon!

Here is another snippet from the book I'm writing!

From Bedlam to Buddha -  I never thought in a million years back then I'd be what I am now! 

Chapter 28 - In comes the sausage roll

I was sitting down in Tommy Tates house one day and I get this phone call from a foreign lady who turned out to be Polish, she said she seen my add for want to earn extra cash from my door to door sales catalogue I had and that she was looking for work for her nephew coming from Poland, I said to her that I had given up on that business and I'm not longer looking anyone, she said if you know of anyone looking a good hard worker please get back to me. 

I said no probs and just hung up and said good bye. 

Tommy Tate started to ask what was that conversation about and I told him it was about some young Polish dude who was coming over here looking for work, Tommy said get me one, them sausage rolls meaning Polls work like f**k he said, Tommy Tate had a small cleaning business that he was trying to get off the ground, he was like me and had his hands in so much though that he would say things and never follow through. 

But he was adamant about getting this sausage roll to work for him and he said call her back and tell her I have a job for him, I was like are you sure now man. 

Tommy Tate was a lively character full of life, he was jumping around saying yes yes I cant wait to get a sausage roll, they are brilliant,  just what I need for the firm and all that, he was saying, he got so excited. 

So I called back the polish lady and said to her I have a job for your nephew and we made arrangements that Tommy Tate would pick him up the following Monday morning at the corner of a road in South Belfast. 

The following Monday came and I had forgot all about this and I got a phone call from the Polish lady saying my friend hasn't turned up and her nephew is still standing there.

I called back Tommy Tate and asked him what was going on and told him that the polish dude was waiting for him, Tommy Tate just replied, I'm not in the mood for a sausage roll anymore, that was the type of him he was, always caught up in some madness of the underworld, you never knew where you were from one day till the next. 

But I felt so bad about this and it just so happened to be I was not far away from where he was standing, so I called back the Polish lady and said I'll pick him up now, I had no job for him at all but I was going to make one for him, I couldn't leave him standing there like that and went and collected him, when he first got in the car I had noticed his shoes were all torn, I felt sorry for him and knew I'd done the right thing collecting him. 

We then drove up to Fat Buddhas place as he had this whole pile of ex catalogue furniture that needed assembled, I said to Fat Buddha that if I pay him to assemble all that furniture which was a total mess by the way, what ever this Poilsh dude puts together and makes saleable we will split the profits.

Fat Buddha was well up for this as he could never of assembled it, it just wasnt his thing and he probably didn't pay for any of it either.

So we put the Polish dude to work through sign language, he could not speak one work of English but he got the idea what I was wanting.

For the first few days me and Fat Buddha were well impressed with what he was doing, I'm not sure what he thought as we were always going into the back of the warehouse to our contraband plant working away leaving him outside just building furniture, the weeks went on and what he turned this mass of mess into was unbelievable, I couldn't believe it, I think I hit the jackpot which is what I will call this polish dude for the rest of the book, I'll call him Pula, meaning jackpot in Polish!

Pula knew his stuff about all sorts, Fat Buddhas lorry broke down and Pula started it with a lighter and a tin a spray of some sort, I couldn't believe the stuff he could do, he was never late and would have worked all the overtime going, my head was thinking all sorts and it didnt take long before I popped him the question about being my full time contraband manufacturing apprentice. 

I brought him behind the false wall we had built into my secret plant and his eyes lit up, the only words I thought he would understand was "help me help me - you big money"

His smile was enough for me, he knew what I was trying to say, Pula could do anything, he was just what I was needing, I couldn't have manifested what I was wanting any better, it was good he didnt speak English and good he never knew anyone here either, no one would really be knowing my business then which was brilliant for me.

When showing him how to do things I would say "BIG MONEY!!" If I was showing him what not to do I would say "NO MONEY!!" 

This is how I communicated with him for many months and it worked just fine.

I really did hit the jackpot with him and he took a massive pressure off my head, I could just leave him there all day and go about my life again, things couldn't have gotten any better for me,  the money making machine that I had been working on for years was just about to get printing me cash on a whole other level.

All I did when at the plant was run around with my beer admiring everything in excitement with what was going on and Fat Buddha always had champagne, thats his trade mark, the pop of the champagne bottle!

I dont know how he's still alive to this day, still he's popping bottles, he's a walking miracle if you ask me, but theres one thing Fat Buddha always does and its he laughs, he's never done laughing, I think its laughing thats kept him alive all these years and prison of course is what he'll tell you too, he says his regular MOTs inside adds years onto his life!

I dont think Pula knew what to think or what he had just landed in on but he was getting well looked after, I learned so much from him, I never knew how to work a drill or wire a plug, I watched and learned from him...


Still today I have my old weapons littered about my cabin which I dont really need, guess years of the underworld just got me ingranied that way, not a nice way to live back then, more money more problems really. 

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