Join the ripple!

 You never do know the effects of your ripples!

Yesterday my Big Glaswegian Pal calls me up, I've talked about him lots on here, he's been with me right from my underworld days right up until I found Buddha.

He's a real dodgy dude who's been in and out of jail all his life, lived the high life in Marbella for many years with all the usual underworld champagne and cocaine lifestyle, he's the only person from my past life who's stayed friends with me in my new life, he's my Buddha brother!

But yesterday he calls me up and says he seen a guy offering free trees and he went and collected them for phantom planting in his community, I was in disbelief at him doing this and then he said the guy who he went and collected the trees from only just got into trees through following my page and now this man has a whole mountain of trees with permission from the council, the guy said he has never given to a charity in his life before but he bought a phantom planters T-shirt as he knew I'd do good with the profit.

Thank you to this man who ever you are for what your doing and thank you to my Big Pal, what an inspiration you both are!

Feeling so humbled right now....


Pic is from me and my Big Pal phantom planting last year sometime.


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