More trees for the world!

We phantom planted 4 more James Grieves apple trees yesterday and signed up a new Paramili-Tree Leaftenant, we planted these at a new orchard that I started phantom planting at around this time last year and so far we have around 50 or so fruit trees here.

I remember what drove me to plant these trees that day alone, something really bad fell upon me, my mind was riddled with old demons, so I put into practice the antidotes that Ive been learning, I went and bought a 100 quids worth of apple trees and me and wee betty went out and made some nature offerings, I felt much better and the temptation of revenge and negative thoughts resided.

We get tested all the time when on a spiritual path, but we can get rewarded with big Brucey Bonuses when we stick to the path and not fall for these tests, but its not easy at times and its a practice, but I've ended up with another orchard out of it, thats my big Brucey Bonus!

This is where we have our heritage section with many rare native apple tree varieties planted here.

I took a gamble phantom planting here last year as it not my land but this grassy patch has been left rough for all my lifetime, as far as I can remember really, so I thought sure why not stick some fruit trees in here, I dont go to the bookies anymore or play poker so lets take a gamble and phantom plant 40 fruit trees in here and see how it goes!

There is lots of dogs running in this area also and I was worried a bit about them getting run over or chewed up or something but out of the 40 we phantom planted last year 2 of them got chewed by dogs which I pruned back and they regrew again, so out of these 40 or so trees they have all survived.

In the Bhagavad-Gita they say the divine light is in us all lying dormant at the bottom of the root chakra, also known as the Buddha light, the kundalini glowstick, that Christ spark, whatever its known as its in us all and apparently there is more than one way of activating this, one guru said there is actually 112 ways of doing this, 112 pathways of reconnecting to the source.

Never put down anyone else's faith, they are all heading the same place. 

They say through years of practice and dedication you'll start to feel this energy inside you rise up the spine and karma yoga is one of them practices of attaining this, karma yoga means selfless service without seeking anything in return.

For the past 9-10 years or so I've taken time out of my all about me existence and used some of my money and time to go and buy a fruit tree and phantom plant it somewhere with no other intention but to benefit mother nature and the community, its a form a prayer they say in Buddhism and I first learned this practice from Buddhist monks.

But years later when I go back and swing off a tree that I phantom planted theres definitely something being activated in me, its the best feeling ever, all these ancient in depth scriptures aren't mickey mouse stuff, they mean exactly what they say on the tin.

Fire up your kundalini glow stick and go phantom plant a tree today!



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