Thank you everyone!


The phantom planter Facebook page just passed 115k followers guys, unreal, thank you to everyone for all the support and for all the trees phantom planted.

Some guy commented on one of my book chapters yesterday saying have I checked this over with a lawyer as I could be incriminating myself with some of the stuff I talk about. 

My book is about the phantom planter, who is the phantom planter? Maybe its auto fiction or maybe its not, for now they are just stories, up to you whether you believe them or not....

But can you imagine if I got arrested for writing a book, think it would make phantom planting even more cooler and probably make my book a best seller!

I dont really fear jail these days though, monks in Tibet deliberately lock themselves away for 3 years, 3 months and 3 days in an attempt to attain enlightenment, everything has its positives in life, it all just depends on our mindset.

But somehow I dont think it would ever come to that, mother nature needs me out here, the real spiritual practice for me is helping nature and the community, none of us can practice any sort of faith while these 2 things are dying, its all soil, soul and society, all three need to be in balance for all of us to survive physically and spiritually....

Again thank you for all the support guys and hope you phantom plant a tree!


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