Ulster Trees for Ulster Bees!

 Just an update on the heritage Irish apple tree nursery I'd mentioned before that we are setting up.

We got the delivery of our Polytunnel and have already laid the ground work to fix it too, we will be up and running for January as this is when we are planning on doing the grafts and start to produce our own native Irish apple trees right here in the Emerald Isle, not natives from Holland or other EU countries, like many of the so called native bare root apples that are being sold are grown and shipped in from abroad, this doesnt make sense to me at all...

Ours are going to be Ulster born and bred apple trees perfect for the Ulster bees!

We are intending on producing 500 apple trees this season, all native types like Kemp, Sheeps Snout, Lough key Crab, Irish Pitcher, Blood of the Boyne, Bloody Butcher and believe it or not there is a native apple tree called "No Surrender" which is really quite fitting for the Paramili-Trees!

Until our great forests our returned on an epic scale the paramili-trees will always exist, all this flooding happening all over the country and we keep taking away the trees, we have cut down all our forests over years, do you know why they called the great forests of UK and Ireland Atlantic Rainforests?

Forests soak up all the rain putting the water deep underground, we have covered over all our island's with concrete and grass and all the rain is staying on the surface, rushing around causing all sorts of flash flooding and problems and staying in the atmosphere.

I'm not an expert on this, these are just my thoughts and observations, forests need to be planted on a massive scale for the benefit of us and nature.

I do believe though that there is a dark energy in this world thats intent on wiping out all natural resources to have us one day depend on them for everything, even the very air we breath, its all just Delboy's and Arthur Daley's gone too far, I know how these lunatics think, I was one once, they create so much delusion with always the end goal about profit and control...

We all need to return back to nature, never do you come back from a forest walk thinking I feel depressed and wish I hadnt of done that!  

The Buddha says there is no self, when you strip it all back we are interconnected and interdependent with everything around us, we are made up of the elements of the creation, time we stopped thinking us and nature, we are nature, we are mother natures children! 

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