We need our forests back!

 Wee Betty wondering when all this rain is going to stop!

For days now it's been raining non stop here in Northern Ireland, at one time 80% of the land mass of the UK and Ireland was forest and this soaked up all the rain we got, in fact most of Europe and the rest of the world was forest creating cooling effects in warmer climates and soaking up all the water in wetter climates, trees also hold the very land we walk on together preventing land slides and flash flooding.

The thing about replacing all our forests on an epic scale and just leaving it for nature and the benefit of us is there is no money in it, you cant make an industry out of it which why our governments dont really care.

You know I dont vote for any party, I wouldn't encourage any of them, they are all about promoting the same system and way of life, maybe one day there'll be a party comes out that talks about alternative ways of living, ways of life that bring us back to nature and working with it, with all the knowledge we know these days I'm sure we can come up with new ways of living that coexist with nature, whats a matter with living in tree huts and planting and chanting, working every day using our bodies the way they are intended for.

We will all be alot happier, healthier and better off thats for sure, just look at half the kids going to Uni, they are miserable, getting oiled up for the ratrace, get that head down and dont look up until you retire!

Thats what I love about Buddhism, its like a beautiful form of anarchy for me, I dont need to go out and wreck and ruin becoming infected by the manipulators who are imposing all these 10 million laws upon us, Buddhism has let me float around it and foresee the BS of it all and just help me live a better life, it has helped me see how I direct my human energy in this world and what is the outcome of it....

Heard a monk say once he is a refugee of conventional society, well im a ratrace refugee!

It aint all that to the younger generation, all the toys and tinsel, fast cars and statuses, dont fall for it!!! 



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