What goes around comes around!

Another load of free good woodchip for the orchard, thank you whoever you are that dropped this. Its the best of gear, all good broadleaf trees. 

Positive action, positive reaction!

The more I walk my spiritual path the one practice that I think has been the best for me out of it all is practicing generosity, this is the most powerful practice of them all and the most simplest.

Yesterday I take my 86 year old mate out for lunch and right after I paid for the meal I get a phone call with my business with someone wanting to buy something, soon as I hung up I get another order for today to a place where I'm already going too, then as I'm driving back down to drop my old mate off I then get another order right next to the places where I'm on my way too today which is miles away from me, you couldn't make it up!

Its truly uncanny but I do think if I didnt take my old housebound mate out for the day would I have got these orders! 

What do you think guys??


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