Check out the Dhammapada!

 First time I read the Buddha dudes path of truth "The Dhammapada" it resonated so much with my soul, I was up to my neck in all sorts of skulduggery at the time, mind was riddled with poison, I was at rock bottom and was on my last big risk taking gamble to make me a few quid and put me back ahead on the monopoly board but I got robbed, robbed twice infact and left with a hefty debt with people who dont send court letters😎, looking over my shoulder and checking under my car everyday, it was not a nice place! 

My addiction problems had worsened tenfold also!

I was up to no good and when your in that underworld you blind yourself with drink and drugs to get on with things, thinking one day I'll get the money and sail off into the sunset and sort my head out then!

Never ends up like that, have seen the same gangsters chase this all their lives, when they do make large windfalls its a time of celebration, more drink, drugs and lavish lifestyles and with all that money just made they carry on getting sucked into a never ending black hole and then a hole in the ground for most of them!

Its a fools game!!!

Anyhow when I started studying Buddhism it made me see that I can change this with how I interact with the world around me, my choices, thoughts, intentions, deeds, who I surround myself with, it made me foresee the outcome of my actions!

I created the mayhem. the darkness, the addictions, it was all my own doing, no one was to blame but me!

I thank and pray to the Buddhas every day for finding this way and sharing it, Buddhism to me teaches us how to live better, how to be happier and healthier!

Looking for who to blame and causes of our problems didnt really make sense to me, Buddhism has taught me to look for how to change that! 

Life changing guys, just what the world needs right now!

#lovebuddha #buddha


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