Christmas gift ideas!!!

 This Xmas why not buy your kids a whomping willow tree if they're into Harry Potter!

3 years ago thats what I did, bought my 2 sidekicks a weeping willow tree for Xmas, one of them said she cant wait when it gets bigger so she can sit under it and read her book..

So many children's movies related to trees, apple trees in Wizard of Oz, Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas, Groot from Guardian of the Galaxy and i'm sure there is many more.

I think its an amazing Xmas gift idea, a tree will be in your kids life forever, it will be something they'll never forget!

Its also a great idea buying a tree for anyone this Xmas, get them a phantom planter pack, mask, spade and tree!

Planting a tree on Xmas day is such a special thing to do to mark the occasion, an offering back to mother nature for all she provides us with.

Every Xmas now for the past few years its been ritual of mine to plant trees and feed the birds, before I was even spiritual I remember one Xmas day sitting around eating a slaughtered bird next to a suffocating tree and something came over me, it didnt feel right at all, it felt quite barbaric to be honest!

I really don't think its what JC would have wanted to celebrate his birth, just my opinion and not aimed to offend.

So every year I make a point of planting trees and feeding the birds, sits a bit more easier on the soul...

We all have to take from nature to survive, but its gone too far, we need to start leveling up on a personal basis, you know it makes sense!

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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