Happy Winter Solstice!

Winter Solstice tomorrow Friday 22nd 3.27am. 

The days will begin to get longer, so why not plant a tree to mark this special time of year, what more magic do you need to see in this life when you sit back and see wtf is going on up there in the comos. 

People used to ask the Buddha to perform miracles for them and he pointed to the sky, what more magic do we really need to see. 

Im just so glad I stepped out of the ratrace and onto the Buddha pace, we are all Buddha's within ourselves, the dark energies of this world know this hence why society goes to so much hassle to brainwash and programme us!

Everything that society promotes, pride, greed, hatred, competition and so on,  these are all the centre of the bhavachakra, the wheel of life under the hands of demon Mara keeping you exactly where your wanted, 

vibrating at negative frequencies masking the fact we are all Buddha's within!

Mara sh*t himself when The Buddha looked within, everywhere we look on the outside likes gods and demi gods for purifictaion they all can be under the delusion of Mara also and can have their own karma attached to them.

Buddhists prefer to leave God out of things and strip it all back to you, your soul and your life are in your hands and its generosity and selfless service are the first steps out of the centre of the bhavachakra, its us that purify ourselves with how we think and act in this life, thats what I believe anyway and following the Buddhas teachings and gurus like Big D im feeling pretty good these days, I'm literally walking on my hands and have phantom planted forests!

So obvious these days though when I look back over my life, I thought I was getting one over on the system by being a rogue, all I was doing was getting more and  more entangled in Maras web! 



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