Love this image!

 Love this image, it shows how the Sun moves through the sky over the year to make the infinity symbol with the highest point being the Summer Solstice and the lowest being the Winter Solstice.

Its coming up to the Winter Solstice very soon - Friday 22nd 3.27am and for a few days as you can see at the bottom of the infinity symbol the Sun rises at roughly the same time for a short period and on the 25th aka Christmas day, the Son/Sun of Creation rises again bringing light to the world!

Christmas time for me is not about buying gifts, although I just buy everyone scratch cards, a calculated gift if you ask me, if someone wins the million they're sure to give you some!

But Christmas for me is about making nature offerings, It's all become so self gratifying and everything we will be buying and using will be at the expense of mother nature one way or another.

This Christmas I'm planting trees and loads of them, I believe there is much spiritual merit to be easily had by making nature offerings on Christmas day, its a special time of year with the Sunlight increasing, The Sun of God is rising again!

So for the past lot of years me and a group of people meet up and plant trees and feed the birds, making offerings to Gods creation!

I've spent way too many years at Christmas time living in mass greed and gluttony, a white Christmas for me was a big bag of Cocaine and as much drink as I could get down my neck!


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