My first attempt at writing!

This is probably my first ever bit of writing I've ever done 4 years ago when I had just setup the phantom planter!

A fool on the wise....

"Spent way too much on self gratification which nearly ended in my own eradication, time to give back what we've all taken or our future generations will be left forsaken, now that the spirit in me has awakened, planting trees is my soul purification."

My attempt at poetry, it was not that long ago that I thought apostrophe was a Greek God!!!

Anyhow guys I hope you get a hint of what I'm all about,

To my shame I could have built an orphanage, saved a Rainforest or adopted all the seahorses the amount I've spent poisoning my body, mind and soul.

With a spiritual awakening I've found my new passion, plant trees, live in harmony with nature and try my best to be a positive contribution to the community and the planet.

We are all interconnected and interdependent, nature is what we are and the world needs trees and billions of them!

I never had the confidence to write anything before like this above, I just knew deep inside I had something to express to the world, the only thing I ever wrote in the past was bookie dockets, tick lists and price lists!

In my buyers of anything sellers of everything superstore, I had this really smart tech geek guy who worked for me, probably one of the smartest dudes I ever knew, I really liked the guy but he was a really straight laced type dude and god help him getting caught up with me!

He was also a very big man who liked his cakes, he sat flogging all sorts on the internet for me eating, and eating none stop he did!

But this one time the peelers were coming for me, they came into my warehouse from all directions, I was waiting on the SWAT team coming in from the roof there was that many of them, my neighbor had said after he thought there was going to be a load of body bags coming out, that neighbor who was there for years moved shortly after this!

At that time negative karma was ripening fast and furious in my life, it wasn't just the peelers coming looking me, there was many other crazed lunatics and gangsters after me!

All my own fault though, our actions create reactions!

But my big tech geek I think he crapped it that day when he seen the police come in, I seen his attempt at running and I couldn't stop laughing, it was like a big slow motion sprint until one of the police stopped him and said where do you think your going??? His face was priceless as he took a big silent gulp!

This wasn't in his job description but I managed to sort it and get him away, said he was a customer and he's nothing to do with the business, the look on his face!! never heard from him again!

He worked for me for years this dude did and when I started to change my ways and live right and morally in my own way off course not what the system dictates as moral, im a good guy now in a rogue way!!

The system are the biggest cartel around if you ask me!

But anyhow years later I sent the geek this big long email, reminiscing over the past, thanking him for all that he did and bring to my businesses, we got up to all sorts, but I wrote out this big long email like I've never did before and he sent me back a thumbs up!!!!

I never forget it, the first ever thing I wrote in my life and I get a thumbs up, it really knocked my confidence and I never wrote anything again!

So for me to come on here every day and write like I do now has been one of my biggest obstacles to overcome in my life!!!

Thank you for all who reads and supports me, really appreciate it guys....


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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