We all could do with a bit of Buddha in our lives...

 This is my first ever phantom planting pic, I had already been guerrilla planting fruit trees around estates in Belfast for many years before this until I came up with the idea of the phantom planter.

It never really crossed my mind to plant other trees like native scots pines in the pic until I seen how cheap they were, literally a quid each.

I got so excited about this and I was always up the mountains sorting my head out getting away from societies glorifying poisonous ways, I was a victim of the rat race and I decided to become a rat race refugee, if I had of carried on playing the monopoly board I'd of been dead, or be hobbling around held together with nuts and bolts popping even more pills, its crazy, the whole thing is delusional, you go from street drugs to the doctors drugs, its all just business if you ask me!

Have any of you been watching that programme about the blue zone places, its areas where the majority of people live to over 100, no doctors or drugs about, their secrets, were working with nature, good food, movement, being helpful in your community and respecting and taking care of your elders and nearly all of them practiced a faith in some way, in all the blue zones around the world they all had similar traits and the bulk of their foods was organic seasonal veg.

We are just an industry to a few fat cats in this world, but with a bit of Buddha in your life you are able to sink back into the watcher of your mind and follow what the Buddha teaches then you'll begin to see its all one big web of delusion.

So I took to the mountains with wee Betty planting and chanting with the idea that I'm going to create a piece of environmental graffiti that will be seen for miles around, I tried to get up here as much as I could, a few times week it was and we planted and chanted "om mani padme hum."

I look around social media at times and see how much we have become so up ourselves, so much attention seeking going on out there, using our precious human energy on stuff thats of no benefit to anyone or anything apart from our own selfish self!

Communities are crippled out there and mother nature is suffering, it really doesn't matter how big your pecs are or how flash a car you have, if you were the last person in the world you probably wouldn't be wanting to do any of it!

Our egos just like to do this, not our souls.

Think about it, if you were the last person in the world, would you want to run a marathon, eat 12 eggs a day and pump iron or climb the highest mountains? Not at all, we are only doing these things to impress others, as a sherpa once said, " the only thing harder than climbing mount Everest is climbing and not telling anyone!....

I love what Buddhism has done for me, I was caught in that way of being for most my life.

For anyone struggling out there with drink or drug addiction remember it can take years to change, that rat race has us brainwashed from birth, we cant possibly undo all the wiring of the brain overnight, go easy on yourself and take the middle path as the Buddha says, its all a practice, keep implementing new positive things into your daily life, if you fall off and go for a drink, still do your yoga or meditation, our world is so fast passed in the yang side of things,  stillness and mindfulness is the antidote, not going hammer and tong on the treadmill, that's still keeping us in yang, the world needs yin big time! 

Go and plant and chant, pray for all other people in your positions to be free from the suffering your going through, Tonglen they call it in Tibet, visualise you taking all the suffering for everyone else who is going through what you are going through and may they all be free from suffering, thats what I love about Buddhist prayers, they are never about you, they are about everything else, its all about selfless service and generosity....

They are even taking the ego out of praying - Dont you just love Buddha!!!

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