Book update!

 As most of you know for sometime now I've been writing my book, which to be honest has been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster, its crossed my mind a few times should I really go ahead with it, putting it all out there "Warts and all" as they say.

But a few weeks ago I was really adamant I was pulling the plug on it and not going through with it, but then I went to Jampa Ling and asked a monk for advice and he said ask yourself what is the motivation behind your book.

I've thought this over for days, my motivation behind the phantom planter is to get trees in the ground and to share my turnaround in life from a money grabbing drink and drug taking maniac to a nature loving tree planter!

Thats been my motivation right from the start, money just dont do it for me anymore, I get what does me and what ever money I make from the book there'll be forests bought for conversation and new forests planted.

Ive thought about it if the book went big, I'm sort of afraid of big money again in my life, you ever see delboy and rodney, when they make the big money they go back to the flat in Peckham and they really missed the place, they were bored out of their minds when they got rich.

I have finely tuned my life that I'm still in the flat in Peckham with my tiny cabin wheeling and dealing my quality products every day.

I always remember when I had my mobile pound shop it was the best laugh but when your young your led to believe you need the big businesses and loads of workers, when I got that I became a constipated miserable being!

I run my business today keeping it just like I was running around in the mobile pound shop and live just like delboy and rodney in their flat in Peckham, I've seen what money does to a soul but for the greater good of my book and with the right motivation and intention behind it what ever way it goes I'll be maintaining my life just the way it is, what ever money I make will be used for the greater good of the community and nature!

Me and wee betty will still be running around wheeling and dealing my quality goods, giving people good deals and the best of service in an old fashioned down to earth way, I'll always be a Delboy at heart!

I went and told one of the oldest trees in Ireland what I was planning also and now I've told the Buddhas.

Its an ancient yew tree I visit regular, it was this tree where my writing really started to come from, first time I touched this amazing tree full of energy I went back to my cabin and all I did was write for days!!!

"When I stand next to this Ancient Yew,

I feel my soul shine, as I connect to the Divine,

Theres something magical about this Tree,

My head goes light, my chest gets tight,

Past lives come into sight,

Recorders of history filled full of mystery,

This Ancient Yew has become my Church Pew"

I've been blessed by the Fae and backed by the Buddhas, may the ripple of love become the virus of compassion.

Peace and love.


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