Cant believe this!!!

 Last year this dude Jeremy Turkington sends me a message, Jeremy would be one of the top apple tree dudes in Ireland and he has been a bit of a guru for me right from the start of my phantom planting journey, always taking his time to give me the best of advice.

But he sends me a message last year saying he was pruning some native Irish Lough Key Crab apple trees and did I want any of the branches he was taking off, he said if you stick these in the ground they will become trees.

I drove down and seen this mass of branches in a pile and he said they will all grow into tree trees, stick them in the ground and they'll become trees, he was telling me some stuff about root burrs on trees and how to tell self rooting varieties and this Lough key crab is a perfect self rooter!

Looking at this pile I didnt believe it what he was saying, I was thinking no way can these grow into trees, so I only took a handful of the branches and not the whole pile as I was a bit sceptical about this.

I brought a small pile up to our orchard and just stuck them into the ground by hand like Jeremy said, no spade or tools, just forced the branches into the ground.

Last spring I was really surprised that many of them produced leaves and flowered, I couldn't believe it!

We didnt water these at all and never weeded or mulched around them, we just stuck them in the ground and forgot about them.

Yesterday we dug them out to check on the root systems and we couldnt believe it, all of them apart from one rooted. unbelievable!

I was so excited doing this, cant explain how I felt, but every time I get this sort of buzz and feeling from learning something new in the nature world I always think wtf are we all doing running around with our heads up the backsides in the ratrace, what are they even doing to our kids in school, I was a victim of this nature destroying ego driven system that nearly sent me insane!

Now connecting back with nature I'm learning some real life stuff!

Waiting a year to see what these trees has done was better than any cocaine and champagne fueled party!

Mother nature is just sitting waiting for you to connect back with her, the magic is never ending, the dust gathering toys and tinsel of the monopoly board is a farce.

Thanks again Jeremy, we got about 15 trees, I just wish I had of taken the whole pile, awe well maybe next time. 

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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