"If you seek revenge dig two graves"

 "If you seek revenge dig two graves"-


One of the reasons I planted trees at the start was it was part of my antidote practice to overcome negative thoughts of hate and revenge, I learned this from the Buddhas.

I remember back when I had just found Jampa Ling and I was still involved in this dodgy operation, one guy had robbed us and the rest of the gang I was working with wanted to go and sort this matter,using violence and all the other usual macho stuff!

I was being tested and had to stand my ground, I said to them I'm on this Buddha path now and seeking revenge is not what they teach, I'm so pissed off myself about what happened but is doing anything about it going to get us our money back!

No it would not, we would end up in a tit for tat mess that will infect us and ruin our lives, I've seen it all in the past!

I've got my own back on people many times in the past, but what was in really satisfying? My ego!

I caught on many years ago that if I put my energy into making the money back rather than chasing down scum I could have made ten times what ive lost if I didnt let my ego control me.

After we got robbed that time I went and bought a load of trees and went out on my own and started planting them, these trees are massive today and every time I go and see them they are a reminder to me that I did the right thing and never give into revenge.

What was so funny about these trees was they were planted at the side of a layby and one day I drove in to check on them and little did I know I had pulled up behind the guy that robbed us, he's a bit of a maniac to be honest and he jumped out shouting you dont intimidate me, get out of your car now he was saying, he was looking a fight!

I said in the most of humble of ways , man I'm on the Buddha path now and I'm just up checking on some apple trees I planted right there pointing to the trees, I have no problems with you!

He was all shaking and full of adrenalin with his fists clenched looking round at the trees saying, what you on about, Buddha - trees he said!!

Then he shouted you need to get a job in the council you f**king mad man and off he went into his car.

I think I pulled up behind him while he was waiting to do a dodgy deal, he's always up to no good this man running around with no peace of mind, thats what that world does to you.

The thing is too I really liked this guy, we were like brothers once but that underworld corrupts you and makes you a paranoid wreck!

I remember shouting after him, and man please stop your fly tipping and littering and respect mother nature, he never knew where to look.

This man was terrible at fly tipping rubbish everywhere.

For me when we seek revenge we are letting ourselves become infected by someone elses poisonous ways.

On another occasions just last year something else came to my door from the past, probably one of the most testing things ive had to deal with from I changed my ways, but I remember the thoughts that were going through my head, they were not nice!

But I went and bought 12 fruit trees and spent the day on my own with wee betty planting them, this was my antidote and now today there is around 60 fruit trees at this location all growing amazingly well.

And whats even more special about this orchard is three of the trees that are planted here were brought along by an ex police officer who was on my tail and knew of my dodgy activities in my early days and who I've now become great friends with.

Talk about a turnaround, you know who you are, thank you for all your support and everything you've did for me.


Tshirt is of the Buddha wisdom eyes, we all have them... 

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere,


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