Positive action - Positive life!

 Many people in this world direct their energies at stuff they can do nothing about and spend vast amounts of their human energy moaning about it, letting themselves become infected by some other negative energy and then carrying on spewing out these negative vibrations into the world, its doing you harm guys and its poisoning you!

When I watch some of the stuff on the internet these days about what people protest about and get themselves very constipated about it, you cant not help but see the lunacy in it all, is it just a form of attention seeking or venting out into the world their own inner problems.

Sometimes I need to stop myself in my tracks when I get sucked into the madness of it all, the lunatics really are running the asylum!

Me personally I prefer to direct my energy in ways that I know are making changes, yesterday I phantom planted 3 apple trees that one day kids from the estate are going to eat apples off, others are going to pick apples from it and make jams and tarts, people are going to gather around these fruit trees in say 20-30 years time and harvest its fruit in community, they could make apple juice and cider, the birds also love eating the apples too and the slugs and all the rest of nature.

I love to see the jays sit on a branch and eat the fruit, when I phantom plant a tree Its an offering to nature and the community.

I've seen and witnessed all this over the past many years from positive action in phantom planting fruit trees! 

You know when the Buddha attained enlightenment Mara the demon thats ingrained in our world was fuming what the Buddha was doing, Mara tried to tempt, trick and delude him with all sorts but the Buddha carried on meditating showing Mara that he had no influence over him at all, the Buddha just give Mara the middle finger and carried on doing what he thought was right and attained enlightenment!

For me society and the way of the world is under the control of Mara, Mara controls both sides who are fighting with each other, he's got you all exactly where your wanted, controlling and manipulating your human energy into this world, keeping you in states of negative karmic vibration with your merit bank account in debt!

Then we run around suffering and then we blame others for our suffering and so this negative cycle just keeps on going!

For the past 7 years or so I've really tried to follow what the Buddhas teach, its not easy at times, its a practice that needs alot of practice but by trying to direct my energy in more positive ways on my doorstep and in my own community, I've created something thats beneficial to the community and nature thats going to be here long after we are all gone and for people to enjoy in the generations ahead.

Science says everything in the Universe is atoms, vibrating atoms with space between them, technically that makes everything we see a hologram, everything passing is an illusion, by how we interact with this passing illusion creates our own heaven or hell, thats what I believe guys!

Hence why the Buddhas first words were after attaining enlightenment,

"We are what we think, all that we is a result of our thoughts, with our thoughts we make our world"......

I'm up extra early this morning today, I'm heading to a secret heritage orchard to get cuttings for creating our native Irish heritage apple tree nursery, the Chi is flowing this morning alright, Chi is the spirit energy in us all, when we find in life what we are enthused about this Chi loves it, its a very different type of energy source, so now I'm off to do some handstands here and climb a few ropes and let my Chi flow free! 

Feeling excited!


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