Time to get phantom planting!

B&M have their fruit trees back in at 6 quid each, it's time to get phantom planting!

I hate promoting big corporations on here, it dosen't sit well with me, but I know many working class people shop in these stores and at 6 quid each its a very cheap way to get people phantom planting!

Over the past few years of promoting these I've had hundreds of messages from people saying they bought some and that they have been out phantom planting!

These are people who would never have thought of planting a tree before and with them being so cheap and easily accessible thats why I dont mind promoting these big companies, its getting people connected to nature! 

Keep an eye on my posts over the next few days, I'll be giving you step by step guidance on what to do with these trees and ideas on where to planting them.

For anyone local in Northern Ireland, 

Beechgrove Nurseries just outside Ballyclare also have real good bare root trees at 11 quid each, bit more expensive but far better trees.

Also Drum House nurseries at the top of the Malone Road do good potted fruit trees and Woodcroft nurseries on the Gransha road Castlereagh.

Cant be promoting big corporations and not giving my local Paramili-Tree suppliers a mention, these are the three I've been dealing with for years and if anyone is going here tell them your a Paramili-Tree and you'll be well looked after!

Keeper Local as and when you can!!!

Rise of the paramili-trees UTPP up the phantom planters!

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

If you like what I do and share you can support me on the link below and help keep me planting and chanting. 



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