Ulster trees for Ulster bees!

Was away today collecting scions for the heritage apple tree nursery I've been setting up. 

Here is the list of the start of what I've got so far, still many more Irish varieties on my list to get, I'm aiming to do 500 grafts this year and making this a permanent ongoing life purpose to grow all our native apple trees right here on the Emerald Isle and searching out many long lost ancient varieties too and bridging them back on our landscapes! 

There is one on the list from today which is said to be extremely rare - Eckinville cooking apple, native to County Down in Ulster!

The rest are,

Irish Peach 

Cavan Sugarcane

Keegans Crab

Green Chisel

Lough Key Crab

Gibbons Russet

Ars Cairn Russet 

Bloody Butcher

All in we took 180 cuttings for grafting today!  

So excited about this new venture and so looking forward to filling up the streets and estates of Belfast and beyond with born and bred Ulster Apple Trees for Ulster Bees! 

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....

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