What an inspiration this young lad is!

Last year I met this young lad walking through the forest, he knew me as the phantom planter and he said I would love a tree planted in memory of my mum in your orchard mate, his mum had just passed away recently and I said no probs at all man, come down this week and I'll have you a fruit tree to plant in memory of your mum.

He came down as agreed and got stuck in to planting a cherry tree, I always like to let the person do the whole planting and I just guide them. 

Nearly every week since the planting the young lad has been coming to visit his mums tree at the our memorial orchard aka the phantom planters HQ and yesterday he called me up saying do you think I could plant this little pot with a couple of plants in it next to his mums tree, (he's always down dropping off flowers and small potted plants next to the tree,)

do you think it would grow and be ok? He said. 

 I said you work away mate, theres only one way to find out and he said, right I dont even have a spade mate but I'll use my hands.

Then he sends me this video of him planting it, I couldn't believe it, to be honest it near brought a tear to my eye, I'm speechless and humbled at times the positive effects phantom planting trees has created, best thing I've ever did with my life and time.

BTW guys, I know its a conifer he's planted and is going to grow massive and many ecological experts out there will have their own opinions on this, but I'll look after it.

This young lad has done exactly what I want and promote, to go out and plant a tree with his bare hands, I want to him to watch his first lone phantom planting tree grow and so too will his mind grow in a more positive way along with the tree, just like it did with me, he's in for a surprise watching this grow!

What an inspiration this young lad, proud of you man!!!

I want people to go out and connect to nature first then they will learn as they go, people ask me all the time from working class areas, do you think this will work or that will work, there's one way to find out I say and thats stick it in the ground the right way up!

Do you really think I'm going to bamboozle them with a load of Latin spoken with strangulated vowels- NO!

I think and believe the most important thing is to get people connected to nature first, once they plug they're first tree into mother earth with the right intention the magic of mother nature will take over from there, you are connecting back to the creation when we plant trees with the right intentions. 

I remember being made to believe at the start of my phantom planting journey that I was planting stuff that could create ecological disasters, one lady stalked me and really gave me hard time, but I remember thinking, I bought this tree in the garden centre down the road, it cant be that bad is what I was thinking, wasn't like it was smuggled in from Pablo in Colombia!

It was bought in a local garden centre.

Thankfully I never listened to this person otherwise this young lad would not have this tree to visit in memory of his mum today!

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Peace and love....

I challenge you to phantom a tree!


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