And so he arrives!!

 Thats the young lad dropped off at Jampa Ling now for the week. 

Thanks again to all of you that donated to pay for him to stay with the Buddhists for the week, he cant thank you all enough and neither can I....

He was saying to me last night,  I take it I dont need to bring much clothes as they will be giving me robes???!!!

Still cant stop laughing at this but maybe he will come back with robes on and a bald head!!!

For anyone thats not up to date with this story, this is a about a young lad who has not long lost his mum and is struggling with drink and drug addiction, so we have raised some money for him to stay on a Buddhist retreat to see if it will help him...

Will keep you all updated on how he gets on. 

Thanks again everyone....

Peace and love


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