Better to ask for forgiveness than permission!

 Seems everyone has been buying up the B&M fruit trees like hotcakes!

Amazing how many of you will plant a tree when its cheap and easily accessible, so great too see!

B&M is like a phantom planters starter kit, this will get you the buzz for it then you will learn and get better and better!

Here are just a few phantom planter tips on what to do with your trees, 

Soon as you get the B&M trees at two for £12 they will be wrapped in cling film around the roots, take this off and soak roots in a bucket of water overnight, after that you can wrap a bag around the roots tightly and the tree will store easily outside or in your garage for up to a week or so before planting, if theres a big freeze at all put in garage or shed, too cold and the roots can get damaged!

Next find yourself a suitable spot for phantom planting, if planting in housing areas please make sure you plant 5 metres away from roads, houses and paths and always look for overhead power lines etc,

although these trees from B&M are on a semi dwarf root stock which means they wont grow too big!

Always go back and look after your tree, trim around the base and take ownership, this way the councils should not have a problem!

If you look through my videos you'll see a few I've done on how to plant a tree, its not rocket science, the biggest thing is make sure its the right way up😎 

1st year water every now and then if little rain fall and if one dies, learn from it and keep planting, my motto is if I plant 100 trees and 90 dies nature still has 10 it never had before, Although my success rate is much higher that!

9 years later and I've probably created one of the biggest phantom planted urban orchards in the world with 100s of fruit trees for the community and nature to enjoy!

Mostly all paid for and funded with what I used to spend on drink and drugs!

And remember guys, plant first ask later, better to ask for forgiveness then permission!

We dont have time to wait on permission any longer to do what is the right thing to do!


Pic is from one of the first apple trees I phantom planted about 9 years ago, growing away by the side of the road South Belfast, we get 100s of apples every year, pic taken summer past, check out the size of this beauty! 

#phantomplanter #communityspirit


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