Bit of a different type of phantom planting!

Bit of a different type of phantom planting from this day last year!!!

Had a very unique and first for me type of phantom planting yesterday and learned something new!

We phantom planted the placenta of the new born baby Reya in the pic in with a pear tree, she was named Reya for ray of sunshine, how cool!!!

It is said by the Aboriginal people that by burying the placenta of the new born baby in with a tree its letting mother earth know you have arrived and so mother earth will take care of you!

They believe the placenta to be a hologram and life map of the persons soul, so they plant it in with a tree to let mother earth guide and protect your life!!!

This has to be one of the best phantom plantings I've yet to do to be honest, the meaning behind this is just brilliant and the fact the child can come back when older with her parents and eat some pears from the tree is just amazing!

What was also uncanny about this planting was the only place in the whole orchard with space for a tree was right next to Joe Oliver's tree, Joe passed away last year and it is the only tree in the the phantom HQ that has Joe's ashes planted in with the tree!

The end of one life and the start of a new life phantom planted in with a fruit tree right next to each other at the phantom planters HQ!!!

You know when people tell you stuff like that story what the aboriginals believe something in you just lights up and it resonates with your soul!

I get this all the time when I give back to nature, mindfully give back with gratitude for all that she provides us with, our whole system and way of life is based on the exploitation of mother nature hence why I believe it is one of the main reasons there is so much suffering in the world!

We are unknowingly creating so much negative karma for our soul and just because everyone else does it and the system says so doesn't mean you escape the effects of what your contributing too!

I keep saying it, Karma Yoga is the pathway to bliss, mother nature feels your actions and will enrich your life tenfold, its so out of sync the whole lot of it, the monopoly board has us deluded!

You can run to all the retreats in the world, take all sorts of mind altering so called plant medicines to expand your mind and consciousness but if your not actively playing your part in helping heal mother nature and boosting community spirit them your not on the spiritual path at all, your hiding away from and masking the problems here on the physical world! 

Its a all interconnected and interdependent, Soil, Soul and Society!!! They all need to be in balance!!!

#phantomplanter #aboriginal #placenta

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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