Dropped out of the ratrace and onto the Buddha pace!

 Was walking barefoot in the mountains and a guy said to me, would that not slow you down a bit? 

I said that's what I want. 

Walking barefoot in the mountains puts me in a forced stare of meditation, every step I'm in the present moment, evey now and again though the mind wonders and you stand on a sharp stone and your not long being brought right back into the present moment, its like the Zen walking meditation I learned before. 

I know my own character and I've worked out what practices best suit me to bring more contentment in my life.

I used to aspire to be like lots of hyped up fitness fanatics out there then when I really observed and analyzed them they were not content, eyes and veins popping out of there heads and always seeking the next big challenge, it can all be very stressful.

I realised seeking out these types of things aggregated my already hyper character and was making me feel even more discontent within myself. 

Some people need the yang and some need the yin, me I need to find more of that yin within. 

How I feel within me is whats most important these days...

I think alot of things humans do these days is all manufactured, all part of the plan in controlling your energy output, all inline with keeping everyone in the ratrace, we waste vast amounts of human energy with the end goal being a medal or a name on a leader board, we could have planted a million trees or cleaned a city of litter with the same energy. 

People say there's too many people in the world, there's just too many people doing the wrong things, we all do whats right we can sort this world in no time, we are the healers and repairers! 

Slow down guys and try the Buddha pace, a humble observer of this crazy world is what I'm aspiring to be like these days. 



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