Live Morally - Live Truthfully

 "As your family and friends receive you with joy when you return from a long journey, so will your good deeds receive you when you go from this life to the next, where they will be waiting for you with joy like your kinsmen..."


I really do believe this quote from the Buddha deep down, I was always a gambling man for most of my life, and now the gamble for me these days is trying my best to live right and morally and clear my negative karma, all the chips are in with me guys, I ain't taken no chances, I cant fix the rest of the world or change others and trying too will infect you and steal your peace of mind but I do believe I can fix my own karma by how I think and interact with the world around me.

Our thoughts, speech and actions belong to us, no one can dictate how we use these precious life tools.

You hear people saying about worshiping false idols when I would go and sit and pray or mediate by a Buddha statue, I'm not worshiping the Buddha when I go to these places, I do thank him though and pay my respects, I dont ask him to purity me but ask him for guidance on how too, the Buddhas only point to the way, all effort must be made by you, we are all Buddhas ourselves deep down, which means enlightened ones.

The Buddhas teachings are meant to help you become the best version of you.

But when I'm around Buddha statues I almost instantly think peace and so I feel some inner peace and contentment too, it makes us think nicer things seeing Buddhas, well for me it does and when we are thinking nicer thoughts are speech will be nicer and so too will our actions, it all comes from thought and visualisations first.

I've spent long enough running around the ratrace with my head up my back side being a stressed angered mess.

And our leaders are the biggest stress heads around, what sort of vibrations is that sending into the world, we need to take a back seat guys and look within, leave the lunatics to run the asylum.

I was in a church last week and just looking at poor JC hanging there on the cross made me feel a bit disturbed to be honest, maybe that type of stuff will bring peace to others but not me, give me nice chilled out Buddha statues any day.

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