Mission with a purpose!

 Early start for me this morning, me and some other paramili-trees are going on a secret mission today checking out some walled gardens out in the country looking for old rare heritage apple trees to get scions/cuttings from. 

I've been told where the No Surrender apple tree is which is the one I've been after for some time now, I've been giving a map of where it is, lets see if we find it today!

Just 3 guys from the hood going a mission today of our own backs to preserve and grow our native apple trees for nature and the community! 

It touches my soul guys the types of characters from working class estate's thats been coming out to help me on this mission, cant thank you enough. 

There's magic in the phantom planters HQ, I've been witnessing it change how people think about nature, it will never be the ones at the top that heal the world, this is a grassroots movement, change begins in the heart of the community, thats my belief on it anyway. 

Its up to you and me to fix this, its up to you and me to be the change and lead by example for our younger generations.

So much lunacy is glorified and promoted these days, time we stood up, listened to our hearts and do whats right. 

Now off here to get the Chi flowing in the gym before I start, keep the body in optimum condition, we cant do much good if our bodies aren't firing on all cylinders!

Its all being manufactured out there to turn us to mush in all ways, body, mind and soul to be completely dependent on some crazed lunatic selling us everything we need to live. you do know that??? 

Connecting back to mother nature is where we are from and where we belong, plug yourself back into the magic of the dharma and go plhantom plant a tree! 

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