Our only crime is LoyalTree!

 Have been out and about round the country getting scions/cuttings from old orchards this week and the look on peoples faces when I say we are from a group called the paramili-trees in Belfast looking for old apple trees, many people dont pick up on the Trees bit at the end of the paramili-trees and think your say paramilitaries! 

It was only yesterday I was saying to my son who was out with me, that everyone we've met have been so nice and helpful to us and he said is it any wonder , a Belfast accent out in the country here saying he's from the paramili-trees looking for blood of the boyne and no surrender apple trees, they'll be s**ting themselves he said. 

Never really thought of it that way, but I'm sure it confuses many people. 

Rise of the paramili-trees UTPP up the phantom planters 

Our only crime is LoyalTree...


People from outside Northern Ireland may not get this. 

Peace and love


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