Show me the money Buddha dude!

 Here is another little snippet guys from the book im writing, not sure how long its going to be till its out but there's no rush for me, I'm enjoying this form of therapy!

Chapter 53 - Show me the money Buddha Dude

My wee mum always kept a Buddha next to her bed, I've probably already mentioned this before, I've probably mentioned many things in this book more than once, I've been taking my time writing this over the past year and sometimes you forget what you've already written.

But my wee mum always had this Buddha and every morning I would go and visit her making her breakfast in bed and then I would rub and kiss the Buddha belly saying "show me the money Buddha dude"!!

I knew nothing about Buddhism and neither did my wee mum but she always says to me growing up, if your ever going to pick a faith son, pick Buddhism for they love everyone, even the animals they love she would say.

My wee mum being catholic and my father a protestant and growing up in the thick of the Northern Ireland troubles, she had witnessed what terrible things religion can cause, even her dad - my grandfather was shot during the troubles, he survived but it was a sectarian murder attempt on his life due to religion.

My wee mum keeping this Buddha by her bed and what she said to me planted the seed of the Buddha in me, every Buddha I found in house clearance I kept them and put them in my office, my office was a shrine to the Buddha, knowing nothing about his teachings at all my office was full of them, quite ironic though that the only other thing I ever kept in my office from house clearances was all the booze I found, I had a massive cabinet filled with all the bottles of spirits we would get in the house clearances which I would have been throwing down my neck daily! 

If I was having a bad day and no one was up spending I used to go round every Buddha in my office rubbing their bellies saying "Show me the money Buddha dude"!!

This could take me 5-10 mins or so as I had that many!!!

I remember I did this once in front of Pulatwo the Polish worker I've mentioned before and nearly instantly after I rubbed all the Buddha bellies someone came in and spent £400, I always remember this and never forget the look on Pulatwos face!

Looking back now it wasn't the Buddha brought me the money, it was the power of my own thoughts, all the Buddha did was make me believe in myself all the more.

Enthusiasm is the most powerful energy we have, when we truly believe and are enthusiastic about what we are doing the cosmic portals open up all around you, society programmes us with so much fear, stress and worry, the dark energies of the cosmos knows this, it knows that one soul has the power to change the world!

Why do you think they go to so much effort to programme what we think and do, the more I walk this spiritual path the more obvious it looks. all that most of what society thinks and does is force fed into us, keeping us exactly where we're wanted.

We all have the Buddha light within us all, we are all enlightened beings just being deluded. 

Hope you enjoy guys, and if you do plant a tree! 



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