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 Heres another little snippet from my book coming soon, I'd say I'll have a it all written here in the next few months. 

If you enjoy please plant a tree.....

Chapter 56 - The Ecig Business

I remember when they had just brought in the no smoking ban in the UK, It was not long before I had just got the shop in Belfast city centre, around  2010 and I was thinking to myself, theres gotta be some sort of substitute for people to use in bars to puff on instead of smoke that would be legal and would be just as enjoyable as a cigarette, them Nicorette things you suck on just dont do it. 

It really frustrated me when they brought in the ban as I loved my cigarettes back then while drinking in the bars. 

So I started researching online and seen that there was these things called ecigs selling in China and India, so I decided to buy a load of different ones as samples from many different companies to see how they were. I must have bought about 20 different types from India and China. 

When I first got the samples arriving they seemed really odd things to me at the start, I couldn't get my head around them, me personally I didnt like them, this strange dry ice vapor going down my throat, they were weird.

But when I showed them around many people were liking them, my dads mate Pesci was loving them, as I've said in early chapters Pesci had an oxygen mask everywhere he went as he had a severe lung condition and had to stop smoking but he was ok smoking these ecigs and he was saying to me you need to get into this in a big way, these things are amazing, how the f**k did you find out about these he was saying, as he sitting there puffing on this big black pen type thing that lit of with a purple led light on the end every time he took a puff. 

I got some good reactions from these things so me being me, I went into this is a massive way, I made a good connection with a company that made them in India and wanted my own name, logo and design.

I called them Steamz and setup a website and invested tens of thousands of pounds into the idea and went full steam ahead with Steamz!

We got a really good Ecommerce website were poeple could buy from and I employed sales reps to get out and about all around the city bars trying to sell these. 

I had fat buddha and sammychem dressed in cigarette suits walking through the city centre handing out leaflets, I went at this in a big way, back then I knew that one day these things would be massive and everyone would be puffing on Steamz and I'll be at the forefront of it all. 

I had to get my liquid sent off to a lab to be tested to get the relevant health and safety certificate to make sure what was in it was safe for selling to the public and I remember the lady telling me at the lab that I was the second person in the UK to have this done, she also told me that humans are used to breathing in smoke with always being around fires but we are not used to breathing in this type of vapor and god knows what the long term complications of this will be. 

I didnt care though, I was full of enthusiasm and was going about this business all the right way, keeping trading standards and the local authorities sweet, I wanted to work with them on this project unlike many of my other past businesses where I just didnt give a f**k and took my chances, I knew this was the one that was going to make the millions, I felt it in me, I knew and foreseen that one day everyone will be puffing on Steamz and one day every shop will be selling my products.

Back then many bars were really dubious of them being used in their premises, people had no idea what they were, there was mixed opinions on these, some people were saying that owned pubs and clubs to my sales reps that these will never be allowed on our premises and others were loving them, putting up our posters and selling them for us. 

They were one slow hard hard sell but as I said I knew that one day these things will be massive and I was prepared to wait it out.

Then not long after this my life f**ked up big time, as I said in the previous chapter it was when I opened this Belfast city centre shop that my life took a downturn, me and my family had to leave the country which you'll read all about very soon in the coming chapters.

I could no longer keep Steamz going and it started to fall apart, I left the country and had my sights set on making a new life out in the Canaries so I sold off all my ecig stock cheap. 

But wait till you hear this, I had around 10,000 of these units that cost me around 30 grand, my delboy dad said he knows the wee dude off the shopping channel that wanted to buy them all, my dad knew a lot of people but in that wheeling an dealing game, everyone talks so much sh*t about who and what they know, but anyhow this guy that knew a guy who run a shopping channel on TV bought all my 10k ecigs at cost price and I thought happy days, I was just glad to get rid of them. 

So I'm then sitting out in Lanzarote living in exile and the next thing I wake up one morning to over 6 grand in my paypal account, then that day another 5 grand and 10 grand, it was unreal, I thought what the f**k is going on here, I looked into it and it was all orders from the Steamz website, I hadn't a clue what was going on but the orders kept on coming in on a massive scale and I had no idea where it was all coming from. 

So I called up my delboy dad and I said who did you sell them too and told him what was going on, my dad was like happy days son, that'll come in handy for your new Canary business venture, but I was saying, you need to find out who you sold these too, I was intrigued as to what was going on, he just said some shopping channel son, thats what I told you!

So I started to look into the shopping channels on TV looking for them and was asking people that ordered them from me where did you see this advertised, some told me the exact channel that was selling them then I went on and seen them selling my steamz ecig as a one off liquidated stock type thing!!

So people must have bought them from the shopping channel and my website name was on the box and also people must have just googled steamz as thats what the dude was saying on the shopping channel showing the box in the camera with my website name on it too and then the orders started flying in!!!

So I'm sitting out in Lanzarote with my head not really in the best of places after having to take my partner and my son out there and giving up everything back home and I had already jumped right into a new business project out in Lanzarote and had to make a decision whether or not to carry this business on, I really needed to be back home for this to be running smoothly, no way could I have run it from the Canaries and really after everything that happened to me back in Belfast my head wasn't in the right frame of mind at all. 

So I closed up the websites and refunded all the money back to the people who bought from me online. 

When I look at the world now and everyone is running around with vapes I remember manifesting this, I knew and believed back then everyone would, I dont kick myself about this, this makes see and believe even more that this same gut feelings and intuition we get in life at at times should never be wasted, dont ever ignore them, its your soul talking to you!

These days though I know, feel and believe that one day the majority of the world will phantom plant a tree.

I've had enough of using this energy for promoting consumerism built on the back of the destruction of mother nature, most of my energy and belief today is put into benefiting the creation.


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